World Oceans Day falls on June 8 – Here’s how to show your support


Every year, June 8 is World Oceans Day, which celebrates all that our natural waterways have to offer. As you probably know, the ocean is absolutely vital to so many communities and settings in general, so there are endless ways to show your support by participating in conservation-focused events, donating and- of the.

Read on for the scoop on World Oceans Day and the many ways you can show your support. With worsening climate change, water pollution and various destructive human activities, our oceans may need your support more than ever.

What is the theme for World Oceans Day 2021?

Since World Oceans Day was declared a public holiday in 2008, the United Nations has organized a World Oceans Day event (UNWOD) with a different theme each year. On Tuesday, June 8, 2021, the event will be virtual and open to the public, with the theme The ocean: life and means of subsistence. It will be produced in partnership with the association Global Oceanic, and according to the UN, it will focus on the role of the ocean within diverse communities and ecosystems.

You can expect to see panels and presentations from various leaders in the environmental space including: Sylvia Earle, Gael Garcia Bernal, Jean-Michel Cousteau and Céline Semaan, as well as performances by various musical talents such as Angelique Kidjo, Bomba Estereo, Valérie June, and more. If you want to participate this year, be sure to register for free in advance on the UN World Oceans Day website.

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Here are the best charities to donate to on World Oceans Day:

If you have the funds, making a donation is a great way to support ocean conservation. Ocean conservancy is a highly regarded advocacy group that you may recognize for their annual international coastal clean-up program. It strives to protect threatened marine habitats, promotes sustainable fishing and seeks to reduce human impact on marine life. Likewise, Océane is committed to saving and restoring the oceans through policy changes, with targeted campaigns against industrial fishing, petroleum and aquaculture.

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Sea Shephard Conservation Society targets habitat destruction by investigating and documenting organizations, before exposing illegal marine activities to preserve ecosystems. Coral Reef Alliance specifically targets the world’s most threatened ecosystem, coral reefs, by implementing in-depth programs that protect reefs around the world. Project Zero is another one we love, which targets conservation and awareness, which has garnered support from celebrities like model and DJ Alexandra Richards.

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Here are more ways to help on World Oceans Day:

An easy way to help conserve the oceans is to participate or organize a beach clean-up. Ocean plastic, which comes from landfills and beach waste, causes irreparable damage to marine and plant life. After a while, ocean plastic breaks down into microplastics, which can eventually come back into the human body from the consumption of fish and water. That is why it is very important to make sure that the beach is clean.

And while we always recommend shopping second-hand before buying anything new, there are many brands out there that support ocean conservation efforts. Humu Surf Co., for example, offers cute and durable beachwear, and they donate one percent of the proceeds to the Surfrider Foundation and the Oceanic Preservation Society. Opolis is another, which hijacks ocean plastic by using recycled materials for its Bio-Collection plant-based sunglasses. The company also contributes 1% to the planet for each frame sold.

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The founders of the sustainable watchmaking company, VAER, are also worth a visit – in addition to creating extremely durable watches, the company donates to the Surfrider Foundation, which aims to protect the world’s oceans and beaches through activism. And, the duo behind the brand, Reagan Cook and Ryan Torres, also created a 6-minute documentary titled The sea urchin diver, which highlights the issues facing California’s coastal marine ecosystems, which is available to stream on YouTube just in time for World Oceans Day.


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