Zagreb is the best value for money European tourist destination

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ZAGREB, July 25 (Hina) — Zagreb was the European tourist destination with the best value for money in June, according to Mabrian, a Barcelona-based company analyzing tourist data that ranked 14 destinations.

“Although it is among the last in terms of air connectivity, it shows a very high level of satisfaction in most of the areas analyzed. At the same time, it offers a very competitive accommodation price compared to the other destinations analyzed, explains Mabrian.

Dubrovnik ranked ninth, with the company stating that it “is the destination with the highest levels of satisfaction among the analyzed destinations. However, the average price of hotels is high and air connectivity is limited, which places it in ninth position.

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, ranked third, while London, Barcelona and Paris were bottom of the ranking.

“London and Paris, although better connected, are penalized by a very high average hotel price among the destinations analyzed,” says the Barcelona-based company.

In order, the best tourist cities in terms of quality and price in June are: Zagreb (Croatia), Athens (Greece), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Rome (Italy), Vienna (Austria), Lisbon (Portugal), Madrid (Spain) ), Milan (Italy), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Berlin (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Paris (France), Barcelona (Spain) and London (UK).

The safety perception index analyzed by Mabrian is led by Dubrovnik and Lisbon, followed by Milan and Madrid. At the bottom of this index are Berlin, Barcelona and Vienna.

“There is a growing trend of demand for less crowded and more authentic destinations. For this reason, countries like Croatia and Slovenia and their capitals are highly rated destinations due to their balance of being a destination that offers the safety, a differentiated offer of activities and a very attractive average price”, according to Carlos Centra, commercial and marketing director of Mabrian.

To find out more about traveling in Croatia, follow the dedicated TCN page.

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